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About the Class of '62 Website

Welcome to the SME Class of 62 website. This website is about celebrating our 50th anniversary from our Great Escape one year before release of the movie of the same name, as well as establishing an online community for classmates to continue or re-establish friendships. Imagine, about 30 years passed before we had email, then surging onto the scene a fantastic myriad of gadgets, networks, and servers that now allow us to stay in touch virtually (pun intended) daily.

Explore the website to see how it can serve you. With the 50th Reunion behind us, the 50th Reunion page provides post-event stories, photos, and videos of the event. If you are attending, I will appreciate any content that you can gather at the event and submit to us.

The News and Info page will provide you, uh, news and information to keep you current with goings-on. You will see a "news feed" on that page -- and there are more scattered around the site -- that staff personnel will use to post breaking news on various topics. Read all about news feeds in the column to the right. Especially learn how you can receive notifications by email when new items are posted. You will not have to remember to visit the website over and over to catch breaking news; instead, have it delivered to your in-basket.

Our goal for the 1962 page is to load it up with content that stokes up those memories of the area and school life in the early sixties. Got content? Let me take a look, I will most likely want to include it.

Besides the 50th Reunion, there will likely be other events planned for our Class. Planning an event? Let me know, and I will post the news. Check out planned events, and read about past events, on the Class Events page.

But wait, there`s more. To really get the benefit of this website, become a registered member. When you do, you will have access to the Class of 62 Directory on the Login/Class Page including facts and bios and much more about your classmates. You will especially appreciate comparing the 1962 pictures against the "now" pictures to see how gracefully we have aged. We have your 1962 picture, but maybe not your "now" picture. If not, be brave and submit one. You can email any classmate at this page. There is also a "members chat room" on this page where any registered Class of 62 member can post and provide feedback on good stuff, kinda like Facebook but more cozy. Go to Members Register to register your membership.

Sadly, many classmates are no longer with us. The In Memoriam page provides a tribute to those who have passed on.

Want to know what is on the minds of our volunteer army? Visit the Staff`s Corner and read their musings. If they don`t post anything, prod them into sharing ideas.

No website is complete without a store. Check out the Merchandise page from time to time to see what is being offered. How can you refuse a T-Shirt?

Our GLAD62 Legacy program provides a way to give back to the SME community. Learn more at the Legacy page.

This website will be evolving and expanding, and there is also the issue of pesky bugs. Visit the About This Website page to learn about new features, get tips about using the website, and find out about bug fixes.

The Contact Us page provides a way to send messages to the staff on several different topics. So if you have a question or want to contribute ideas, that is the place to get your message across.

Get Email Alerts for News and Info

You can receive alerts via email whenever something new is posted on the Class News feed. Simply click Class News to open a FeedBurner window and follow the prompts to verify your email address. Think of the benefit: You do not have to repeatedly check back at the website for fear of missing something new as long as you are in touch with your email. Email alerts are issued in the wee hours of the morning.

"Funny How Time Slips Away"

Class of '62 Gift:
Mosaic tile with inscription "Wisdom, Honor, Truth, Loyalty"